Measuring the Progress of the Industrial Internet of Things

LNS e-book

Manufacturing Metrics in an IOT WorldManufacturing is changing. The traditional view of production plants as islands of automation, expertise, and control no longer stands up in an ever more connected world. Exciting things are occurring across Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) as forward-looking organizations begin to digitally transform and integrate operations within their companies to revolutionize performance.

This e-book presents results from the Metrics that Matter research study conducted between LNS Research and MESA International. It places particular focus on what IIoT means to manufacturers in the MOM space. Highlights include:

  • How the manufacturing landscape is changing due to the advent of the IIoT.
  • How Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is still at the center of data collection, information handling, and operations management in most enterprises.
  • The impact that IT trends are having on the MOM space
  • Suggestions will be given as to where thing will go in the coming years.

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