SQM's Rightful Role in your Enterprise

Playbook to Realize the Total Value of Quality

LNS e-book

SQM's rightful role in your enterpriseThe supply chain can be an instrumental part of a company's sustained success, or it can cause crippling costs and brand damage. The difference lies in adopting SQM people, process and technology practices that are on par with the best across industry, and therefore drive high perceived quality.

SQM demands leadership attention and action. You will learn:

  • The current state of SQM regarding practice adoption, industry, geography, and supply chain role
  • How to gauge & compare maturity of SQM
  • Which best practices provide the largest advantage
  • What Digital Transformation is and why it’s transforming SQM
  • Competitive advantages gained through technologies like EQMS, Cloud, and IIoT

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